Travelling With a Newborn: Top Tips

Tiny footsteps, sleepy grins, and the never-ending nappy change saga—welcome to the rollercoaster of parenthood. And if travelling with a newborn sends your heart racing for all exciting and daunting reasons, you’re not alone. Dreaming of sun-kissed beaches and vibrant market streets with your baby sounds idyllic until you picture the potential cries and public tantrums.

But brave mums and dads, worry no more! Our guide is here to turn the daunting task of travelling with a newborn into a joyful and memorable escapade. From selecting the ideal holiday spot to mastering the art of packing, we have tips to make your trip smooth sailing for you and your little treasure.

Is Your Newborn Ready to Travel?

Travelling with a newborn offers a fantastic opportunity to forge unforgettable moments and introduce your bundle of joy to the world’s wonders. Given your new arrival’s tiny size and paramount needs, this idea might raise concerns and questions. When should you set off on this maiden voyage? The answer varies, but there are essential points to consider to ensure a seamless and pleasant journey for all. First, discuss with your paediatrician. Their intimate knowledge of your baby’s medical history allows them to offer tailored advice on vaccinations and physical readiness.

Commonly, doctors suggest waiting until the baby is at least two months old. This delay strengthens the infant’s immune system, minimising the risk of travel-related illnesses. Another factor to weigh is your baby’s personality. Some babies remain unfazed and content in new settings, while others might find the change distressing.

Choosing Your Destination Wisely

Choosing the right place for your first travel experience with a newborn is like casting the perfect support for your family’s newest adventure. You need a setting that suits your baby’s needs. Picture sunlit beaches with gentle waves, not the roaring kind, ideal for a baby’s first encounter with the sea. Consider places closer to home, opting for brief flights or car journeys to avoid upset from long travels. Every little explorer appreciates regular stops, so pick spots with baby-friendly facilities: resorts with shallow pools, available cots, and possibly babysitting services for a peaceful dinner for two.

Activities should be easy-going and natural, like strolls on picturesque paths, visiting quaint towns with easy access to pushchairs, or enjoying poolside giggles. The climate is crucial, too; avoid harsh temperatures to keep your baby’s routine steady. Select destinations with steady, mild weather, ensuring your baby stays comfy without constant outfit changes.

Planning and Preparation are Key

Travelling with a newborn can be a fabulous journey, but it requires some preparation to keep things smooth and worry-free. Picture being at the airport, pumped for your holiday, only to have your baby cry for their hidden favourite blanket. Not the best start, right? That’s why planning is crucial. Secure your flights and places to stay early, picking times matching your infant’s sleep and feeding routines. Look up babysitting services at your destination for that much-needed adult-only evening or a peaceful poolside break. Also, get the paperwork sorted early.

Check your and your baby’s current passports, and get any visas sorted. Remember to pack copies of birth certificates and insurance info to be on the safe side. With packing, less is more. Aim to pack only what’s necessary to avoid struggling with heavy bags.

Packing Essentials for Your Little Traveller

Travelling with a newborn is an adventure, but preparing for your tiny companion can seem daunting! The trick is to strike a balance: pack light but be fully prepared. Here’s how to ensure your little one stays cosy and happy on your journey. Think layers when packing clothes to adjust to changing weather, including plenty of soft onesies, vests, and sleepsuits, alongside socks, hats, and sunhats for warmer climes. Since unexpected messes are inevitable, bringing extra outfits is wise. For diaper duty, bring a surplus of nappies to cover the trip and potential delays, a couple of packs of wipes, and a small tube of nappy cream to prevent rash.

If bottle-feeding, include bottles, sterilisers, formula, and a bottle brush; for breastfeeding, consider nursing pads and a shawl for privacy. After checking with your paediatrician, a small first-aid kit with essentials like a thermometer and infant medication is crucial.

Mastering the Art of Travelling with a Newborn

Navigating airport security with a newborn might seem like you’re trying to leap over Olympic hurdles. Your strategy should include packing a cosy carrier to hold your little one close while dodging through the scanners. It’s handy to remember that baby food and formula dodge the usual liquid limits, so chuck them into your hand luggage along with some wipes for any sticky mishaps. Travelling with a newborn might be overwhelming, but a few clever moves will have you flying like a seasoned pro swiftly.

Feeding your baby during take-off and landing can soothe their ear pressure. Tuck an extra set of clothes for both you and your baby in your hand luggage to tackle any surprise spills. Snapping up a bassinet from the airline on longer flights can be a godsend for your baby’s naptime. Venturing into new territories is all part of the journey! Scouting baby-friendly eateries with high chairs and changing facilities before you go can save the day.

Keeping Your Baby Comfortable on the Go

When travelling with a newborn, comfort is paramount for a seamless journey. Newborns love their routines, and although a strict schedule might be wishful thinking on your travels, creating a comforting environment is possible. Sleep takes top priority. To ensure restful naps, consider packing a portable blackout blind or a big muslin cloth to simulate nighttime, even when daylight invades your room. A cherished soft toy or blanket carrying the home scent can also soothe your baby. For added tranquillity, a white noise machine might be the trick to drown out new sounds and ease your little one into sleep.

Feeding times also play a crucial role in maintaining a routine. If you’re breastfeeding, scout for baby-friendly spots ahead of time, like airport lounges or peaceful parks. Bottle-feeding? Pre-measure formula portions for hassle-free meals. Also, it’s wise to check the availability of baby-safe bottled or filtered water at your destination.


Travelling with a newborn may not echo the ease of child-free trips. However, crafting an unforgettable journey for the family is possible with thoughtful preparation. The key is ensuring your baby is content and well-rested, paving the way for a tranquil trip.

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